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This wide-ranging and beautifully illustrated book presents many stories from the Kayastha community. Kayasthas have contributed to Indian history and heritage in diverse fields from politics, to science and technology, the law, literature and the arts. Readers will find much of interest.

- The noted historian of Australian National University, Professor Angela Woolacott

The much awaited book Kayasth, An Encyclopedia of Untold Stories revisits issues of identity as well as heritage conservation of Kayasth community which shaped the Indian civilization in ways more than one. A community study undertaken by two illustrious insiders, it is bound to strengthen the bond among members separated by territories, languages and loss of civilisational memories. I wish all sucess to both the authors, more so the lead author Uday Sahay, a former IPS officer and a man of immense credibility and integrity whose scholarly doggedness I have personally admired for years now.

- An iconic super hero of Indian cinema and politics, Shatrughan Prasad Sinha

Treatise on origin, history and migration of Kayastha provides a window to India's diversity and richness since times immemorial. Dwelling upon such an important sociological trace, with suitable facts and evidence in tow, the "Kayasth, An Encyclopedia of Untold Stories" captures history of Greater India, while promoting learning for current and future generations.

- India's current ambassador to Japan, His Excellency, Sanjay Kumar Verma, IFS

The book "Kayasth, An Encyclopedia of Untold Stories" published both in English and Hindi takes you back in time and gives you a peep into the uninterrupted past and the current status of the Kayasth community in India. A well elucidated account of the journey through time, it details their vital role in diverse fields ranging from spirituality, governance, administration, education, art and literature to science. I wish success and recognition to the book it merits. My congratulations to the lead author of the book, Uday Sahay and its co-author, Ms Poonam Saxena.

- An all time great Indian actor of the world's biggest cinema industry, Amitabh Bachchan

Uday Sahay's admirable initiative and his persistent efforts jointly with Ms Poonam Bala, to discover, compile and publish valuable but less-known contributions made by the Kayasth community, have led to this monumental publication. Kayasth community is known to produce great thinkers and doers at levels, physical, intellectual and spiritual, all the time and this great book will continue to inspire our younger generations to touch loftier heights of glory and unity in times to come.

- One of the most distinguished civil servants in India, P.P. Shrivastav, IAS

I have closely followed the long and arduous journey undertaken by Uday Sahay to compile this Encyclopedia on the rich heritage of Kayasthas. His painstaking endeavour in collating so many strands of Kayastha history will be a source of pride and inspiration to all future generations of Kayasthas spread all over India and the world. A first of its kind, this honest book will bond the Kayasthas to know who we are, and perhaps encourage them to bring to light other facets of this little studied community.

- The first lady IPS officer of Bihar cadre, Manjari Jaruar, IPS

Someone once told me, "leadership is about never forgetting where you come from." Growing up in Bihar, it was hard not to be identified as a Kayastha. Other than the obvious implications, one never quite knew what that meant. The Kayastha Encyclopedia is a quest to find that meaning. What defines a community, its origins, its culture and it values? The best way to understand this is to learn of its history and its people which is what this compilation so elegantly and rigorously does. Kudos to the authors for this contribution to help generations of us understand ourselves better and never forget where we come from.

- One of the leading educationists in private sector, Founder Ashoka University, Pramath Raj Sinha